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Buy propecia walgreens, Buy propecia thailand

We are a Practical shooting club located on the Pro Gun Club grounds.  We Currently host USPSA pistol matches and will be soon hosting Steel Challenge matches, and 3 gun matches.

We welcome all shooters.  See the getting started page for what to expect at your first match, and what you should bring.

Hope to see you soon.

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There are some websites showing malware false positives for us. As far as we can tell there are no issues. We realize that it is not a https or secured website, but since there is nothing being sold here there is none of your info that needs that level of security.

Google safe browsing




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SSPSC Pistol Feb 10, 2018

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Expedition Multigun 2017

2017 Expedition Multi Gun Match
Date: June 22-25th 2017
The Pro Gun Club
Match fee $150.00
15 stages
5 stages per day

600 total rounds/match, VERY rough estimate is 250 pistol, 250 rifle, 100 birdshot, 12 slugs if shooting one of the standard divisions. There are a lot of options so expect this number to change drastically if you lean heavily on one platform.

Lots of schedule options

Expedition Multi Gun is always 2 guns per stage, Rifle shots under 100 yards, minimal Shot Gun loading, faster stages, faster scoring, all to allow a squad the ability to shoot 5 stages in under 4 hours. Great for the summer months.

We have been testing and evolving this new style for the past 2 years with lots of positive feedback from our local shooters.

Divisions: Tac, Limited, Heavy , Open, PCC (shooting the entire match with 1 PCC gun), 2 Gun (shoot the entire match Rifle/Pistol) and 2X4 (using Rifle, Pistol, Shot Gun and PCC. Must use 2 guns per stage, shooters choice. All open rules) Multiple divisions can be shot over the course of the 4 days.

Possibilities in the works: Shoot all 15 stages in one day for the physical competitors. Minimal slots.

Same match will take place in the dark as an option if there is enough interest.

We have had several requests to make this a major match. With Iron Man taking a year off, we would like to thank MGM Targets and Travis Gibson for their support with this match and coming down for the build and enjoying a weekend of shooting!

We will need a lot of staffing help so there will be options to work 1/2 day and shoot 1/2 day.

Registration Link



Facebook Page link  – You do not need an account to view this page.

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SHOT Show Pistol and Multigun

For those of those who do not Facebook, nor are on Dotty’s famous email distribution list here are the links to register for the match Pete has been holding immediately following SHOT show for the last 6+ years.  All the information for the match should be on the registration page.

Pistol Match

Expedition Multigun  This is the regular multigun you are used to, but a couple minor changes like all stages are only 2 guns, and inside the bays.  No long range.  Penalties are reduced as well, but you have to stay inside the fault lines.  Multiple hits on no shoots are just one penalty.

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Rock Island Armory Bad Beat Shootout 2017

The Rock Island Armory Bad Beat Shootout.
May 27, & 28, 2017
We will be Awarding the top places in each division. A first place prize along with their plaque. We will have plaques in all divisions and classes if there are enough shooters.
There will be a side stage going on where you will be shooting a 22tcm with supplied ammo at a plate rack for score and there will be winners and random percent winners on that stage. We will also randomly be giving out ammo, shirt, and other cool stuff all from the support of this great company.

Registration opens 18 Jan

14 stages
apx 300 Rounds
NOT A HOSE FEST, this is a real USPSA match that will challenge your ability as a shooter.

We have AM/PM and PM/AM schedules available and there is a shoot all day option if needed.
email for info.

Range Map:

Bad Beat Map 2017

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March Madness

March Madness is coming soon! Just over 3 weeks. If you aren’t registered, please do so. Usually this match is 2 days and fills up. This year because of Easter, it is only 1 day. Saturday. So grab your spot now.
Saturday 3/26/16
Location: Pro Gun Club, Boulder City NV

This is a quarterly ginormous high round count match!
If you had fun at Halloween Hosefest and the Holiday Ho HO HO match, get ready for March Madness.
6 stages of craziness! 60+ rounds per stage.
There is a registration for pistol and one for 3 gun. They will both run the same day.
Match fee $60.00 with T-shirt $80.00
T-Shirts will be awesome as always, Our artist is working on something to do with Ricochet shooting hoops! It will be short sleeve, moisture wear fabric. Be sure and get one to add to your collection!
We will have a man vs man shoot off using our plate racks and of course raffles and prizes.
Don’t miss out! See you there.
General match, with the following divisions:
Open, Limited, Tactical Optics, Heavy Metal Optics

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Bad Beat 2016 Results

Results Posted here

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Bad Beat 2016 Stages

Bad Beat 2016 Stages 8-14


Stages 8-14 for the 2016 Bad Beat Match. 183 rounds on the back half.

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Possible RO Class

We have received some interest in the Level 1, NROI, RO Class with a Multi Gun addition the weekend of March 19 &20th. However we are no where near full. We would like to fill the class.
Please let us know if you would be interested in taking this class.

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The Rock Island Armory Bad Beat Shootout

Exciting news… the bad beat is now officially
The Rock Island Armory Bad Beat Shootout.
February 27, & 28, 2016
We will be Awarding the top places in each division. A first place prize along with their plaque. We will have plaques in all divisions and classes if there are enough shooters.
There will be a side stage going on where you will be shooting a 22tcm with supplied ammo at a plate rack for score and there will be winners and random percent winners on that stage. We will also randomly be giving out ammo and other cool stuff all from the support of this great company.
We have over twice as many shooters as last year and this support will surely move this match up the ranks of matches not to miss. There is still room so please go here and register. we have AM/PM and PM/am still avail and there is a shoot all day option if needed.
email for info.

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