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Bad Beat 2016 Stages 8-14   Stages 8-14 for the 2016 Bad Beat Match. 183 rounds on the back half.

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Possible RO Class

We have received some interest in the Level 1, NROI, RO Class with a Multi Gun addition the weekend of March 19 &20th. However we are no where near full. We would like to fill the class. Please let us … Continue reading

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The Rock Island Armory Bad Beat Shootout

Exciting news… the bad beat is now officially The Rock Island Armory Bad Beat Shootout. February 27, & 28, 2016 We will be Awarding the top places in each division. A first place prize along with their plaque. We will … Continue reading

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Bad Beat Registration

Here is the link to register for the 2016 Bad Beat match. https://practiscore.com/the-bad-beat-shoot-out-1/register

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