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Important Information about the HO HO Holiday Match We just want to give everyone a heads up about the incoming weather. We have a storm coming in Friday night into Saturday with high winds and cold. Saturday is expected to … Continue reading

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HO HO Holiday Results 2014

Pistol Results Multigun Results

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HO HO Holiday Match

The Holidays are here!  Thanksgiving is next Thursday and then Black Friday! It is time to start getting ready for the 3rd annual HO HO Holiday Match. Saturday 12/27/14 and Sunday 12/28/14 As always the match is a pistol type … Continue reading

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Ho Ho Results


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HI Everyone, The HO HO Match is almost here! There are plenty of openings left in the match. It is really important that you go onto silverstatepractical.com to register. We need your registration in the practiscore data base for squadding … Continue reading

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Match & Shirt Fees due

Just a reminder that payment for match fees for the HO HO Hose match is due by Saturday12/14. If you have not sent in your checks yet, you can call me with cc numbers or call me with other arrangements. … Continue reading

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Ho Ho Ho Hosefest Shirts

Below is the design for the Ho Ho Ho tshirts, remember to purchase one when you send in your registration. If you have already sent in your registration and would now like to add a shirt, please contact Dotty soon … Continue reading

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Information Ho Ho Hose Match

Thank you all for making the Halloween Hosefest such a great success. Many of you asked if we were doing it again for the holidays. Of Course!! Here is your information so that you can start making your plans. When … Continue reading

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