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Can i buy propecia over the counter in canada, Buy propecia online pharmcom

Here is the design for the shirt this year.

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Halloween Hosefest 2014

  I can’t believe the summer is over and that means its time to get ready for HALLOWEEN HOSEFEST !! The 4th annual Halloween Hosefest will be held at the Pro gun Club, hosted by Silver State Practical on October … Continue reading

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Double Stack Attack Results

Pistol Multigun

Posted in Double Stack Attack, Match Results | Comments Off on Double Stack Attack Results

Double Stack Attack 2014

Summer is almost here so its time to get ready for’s quarterly crazy fun hose match at Pro Gun Club. Summer is the DOUBLE STACK ATTACK!! 6 stages of DOUBLE targets for DOUBLE the fun! You can shoot it … Continue reading

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March Madness Results

Pistol results Multigun results

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IMPORTANT Anyone who wants ammo

Western Arms and Ammo will be at MARCH MADNESS at Pro Gun Club Saturday March 29 & Sunday March 30. To pre-order, please contact Blair Cooper directly via email – As you know – Pistol Powder has disappeared, but … Continue reading

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March Madness 2014

It’s time to get ready for MARCH MADNESS!! This is ISCOPEllc’s quarterly ginormous high round count match! If you had fun at Halloween Hosefest and the Holiday Ho HO HO match, get ready for March Madness. 6 stages of craziness! … Continue reading

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Shot Show 2014 Match Results

Results   We hope everyone had a good match, and thank you for coming out.  We hope you felt it was worth the drive, and or extra day in Las Vegas after SHOT.  Please let us know what you liked … Continue reading

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Ho Ho Results


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Shot Show Match Jan 18-19 2014

I know its late, but we are still running the after Shot Show match this year as a single day match that can be shot Saturday only if you are an official SHOT show vendor, buyer, seller, exhibitor, or 3GN … Continue reading

Posted in Announcements, Shot Show | Comments Off on Shot Show Match Jan 18-19 2014