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For those of those who do not Facebook, nor are on Dotty’s famous email distribution list here are the links to register for the match Pete has been holding immediately following SHOT show for the last 6+ years.  All the … Continue reading

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6th Annual Shot Show Match . January 23rd & 24th 2016

Hey everyone, just a reminder that Shot show is coming soon. 6th Annual Shot Show Match . January 23rd & 24th 2016 Both 3 gun an Pistol will be held at the same time in different areas of the Pro … Continue reading

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Shot Show Multigun 2015


Posted in 3gun, Shot Show | Comments Off on Shot Show Multigun 2015

SHOT Show 3 Gun 2015

2015 Shot Show Multi Gun Match! The match will be Saturday 1/24/15 and Sunday 1/25/15 Saturday is reserved for Vendors, and Shot Show attendees only. Sunday is for everyone. The Multi Gun Match will be held at The Pro Gun … Continue reading

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Shot Show 2014 Match Results

Results   We hope everyone had a good match, and thank you for coming out.  We hope you felt it was worth the drive, and or extra day in Las Vegas after SHOT.  Please let us know what you liked … Continue reading

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Shot Show Match Jan 18-19 2014

I know its late, but we are still running the after Shot Show match this year as a single day match that can be shot Saturday only if you are an official SHOT show vendor, buyer, seller, exhibitor, or 3GN … Continue reading

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