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HO HO Holiday Results 2014

Pistol Results

Multigun Results

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3 Gun 12-20-14


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USPSA 12-14-14


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Dynamic Steel 12-6-14


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3 Gun 11-29-14


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SHOT Show 3 Gun 2015

2015 Shot Show Multi Gun Match!

The match will be Saturday 1/24/15 and Sunday 1/25/15

Saturday is reserved for Vendors, and Shot Show attendees only.

Sunday is for everyone.

The Multi Gun Match will be held at The Pro Gun club in Boulder  City, NV.  If 3 Gun is not your speed then there will be a pistol match at Desert Sportsmans.  Check sincityuspsa.com for more information.

Please pre-register online at

Please send in your check with the paper registration.
SHOT Show Paper Registration 3 Gun 2015

Check in at the range will be 7:30 to 8:00 am shooters meeting at 8:am.

Match fee is $60.00

Round counts to follow.

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HO HO Holiday Match

The Holidays are here!  Thanksgiving is next Thursday and then Black Friday!

It is time to start getting ready for the 3rd annual HO HO Holiday Match.

Saturday 12/27/14 and Sunday 12/28/14

As always the match is a pistol type hose match with lots of targets and lots of fun.  There is also a 3 gun option on Sunday.

Holiday match stages are a little smaller than the Halloween Hosefest, closer to 50 rounds instead of 60.

There will be 6 stages, 4 at about 50 rounds, and 2 all steel stages.

We will have a fun stage….a handicapped man on man with your own gun with a cash payout.  Tickets purchased for the fun stage will double as your Christmas Present Raffle.  The Elf will go around during the match with a big Santa bag full of goodies from our wonderful sponsors.

The match will be at The Pro Gun Club in Boulder City.

Please pre-register online here for the pistol match and here for the 3 Gun match.   There will be 2 registrations to try and reduce confusion.  If you are going to shoot the pistol match both days you need to register twice.  Once just with your name and once with your name with a 2 after it (Dotty Baker2).  If you are going to shoot the pistol match on Saturday and the 3 Gun on Sunday please register in both matches just using your name, no number is necessary.

Check in will be 7:30 to 8:00 am with a shooters meeting starting at 8:00 am.

The match fee is $60.00.  We have not designed T-shirts for this match as the time has gotten away from us and we can’t design and print in time for the match. We will have T-shirts for March Madness.

Pleases make your checks out to ISCOPEllc and mail to 205 N. Stephanie St. SteD, #129, Henderson NV 89074 along with the paper registration.  Ho Ho Paper Registration Pistol 2014,  Ho Ho Paper Registration 3 Gun .  If these links don’t work for you just print your confirmation page from clubs.practiscore when you register.

Make your plans and get ready to have fun!

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USPSA Pistol 11-22-14


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USPSA Pistol 11-8-14


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