Getting Started

We run several types of gun games at Pro Gun Club.  While knowing the rules for each game will help the most important thing is to show up.  Look below for explanations on each game to see what is needed for each.

When to be here

schedule / calender

Summer schedule may vary due to weather. Please call the office line 702-708-5944 for current information.

How to Get here

Directions via Google Pro Gun Club


Match Types

Dynamic Steel

Multigun/3 gun

Rifle, pistol, shotgun match. Rifle targets out to 350 yards, but most shots will be 100 yards and in.  Standard pistol targets.  Shotgun targets will mostly be steel knockover, or popper but there will be some flippers and other thrown clay targets.  Time plus scoring means 1 hit in the A/B zone or 2 hits anywhere inside the scoring zones is good.

USPSA Pistol

Standard pistol match following USPSA rules found here.  Normally 5 stages around 100-150 rounds.

Team 3gun

This match requires 3 team members to sign up with a team name at least the night before the match.  Stages will change but the last one had 3 stages that were run 2 times as separate stages.  Team members were forced to change firearms for the second run so one person could not just use pistol.  Equipment rules and other details to follow as they are tweaked with match feedback.  Plan for the same amount of rounds as a usual 6 stage 3 gun match.
Video from the first team 3gun last year.


A high round count match with 6 stages.  Each stage will have 40 – 60 rounds.  Production and single stack divisions are allowed to move mag pouches forward of their hip or use front pockets due to the increased number of magazines required.  Otherwise standard USPSA rules and scoring.  Normally held over 2 days, but you complete the match in 1.  The second day is there incase you would like to run it again, or run the match in a 3gun format.  The 3gun format will mandate the use of rifle on 2 stages, pistol on 2 stages, an all steel shotgun stage and a 3gun stage.

What to bring

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Pistol or pistolcaliber rifle
  • Magazines
  • holster if shooting centerfire
  • Ammo – minimum round count is 100 if you don’t miss.  Bring 150+





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