Pro Gun Club is a cold range. Firearms must be completely unloaded. That means no ammo in gun, magazine out, hammer down.

There is an etiquette to safety in our sport.   If you are called for a safety violation, you do not question it, you THANK the person helping you be safe.   If you are disqualified from a match for a safety violation, you don’t stomp off – you thank them and stay and help score, tape targets and tear down.  Without SAFETY we don’t have a sport.

The Rules:

  • Treat all guns as loaded
  • Never let the muzzle of a gun point at something you do not want to destroy.
  • Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you wish to shoot.
  • Be absolutely sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Because we “run with guns” these rules are the basis of our more stringent set.  :

  • You may not handle a gun anywhere but in designated safe areas.  Please get the assistance of your squad RO if you need to unbag or handle your weapon in the bays.  Use designated SAFE TABLES where available. There will be NO AMMUNITION at safe tables.
  • You may not point a gun past 180 degrees up range. Doing so = disqualification.
  • Any Accidental Discharge = disqualification.

Be aware these rules but don’t let them scare you. They are easy to follow and everybody will be helping everybody else follow them.

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